About Us

Connecting you with Christ

We exist to serve, support, and strengthen an increasing network of evangelical churches across Western Australia to serve God and impact their communities for Christ.

The Christian Community Churches of Western Australia is a State network of independent evangelical churches across WA. We are part of a national and worldwide network of like-minded churches who share a common Open Christian Brethren heritage. When you come to one of our churches, you will find a group of people who focus on:

  1. putting the Lord Jesus Christ at the centre of our relationship with God, our relationships with each other, and our relationship with the community;
  2. every person in the church having a strong understanding of God’s Word, the Bible and how it applies to our everyday lives; and
  3. every person in the church being involved in ministry in a way that properly utilises their God-given talents and gifts.

When you see our logo on a local church website or stationery you will know that they are part of our network. They share our beliefs and our focus on real relationships based on a real relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We place a strong emphasis on real friendships with each other as we demonstrate to Western Australian families the love that God has for them in sending His Son the Lord Jesus Christ to die in their place so that they may go free!

WA Representatives

David Shaw

David is married to Suzanne and they blessed with 4 daughters, 3 son-in-laws, and 4 grandchildren. He enjoyed 15 years with Bedford Community Church as General Manager of their employment services ministry. In 2002 he joined Focus Shopfitters as a director before moving to his current role in 2013 as Pastor and Elder at Duncraig Christian Fellowship. David is committed to encouraging churches to serve together and embracing the next generation into leadership. David is the chairman of the Association of Christian Brethren (WA).

David Smith

Dr David Smith, currently the Principal of Perth Bible College, has a background in a variety of business, pastoral, and teaching roles. He is involved in leadership, training, preaching, and overseas mission, having a heart for people to be gripped by God's grace and equipped for a life of passionate service. In his capacity as Principal, David lectures in the fields of Pastoral Ministry, Leadership, Preaching, Theology, and Hermeneutics. He has been involved in leading short term mission teams and in leading Pastor's Conferences in Cambodia since 2008. Nationally, he serves on the board of Emmaus Bible College and Christian Community Churches of Australia. Together with his wife Judy and their three children, David attends Duncraig Christian Community Church where he has a teaching role and also serves as an Elder.